Recreating Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco At Home

You need this in your breakfast diet.

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taco bell, breakfast waffle taco

The geniuses at Mr. Breakfast have just improved your next leisurely home cooked breakfast by 1,000 percent. See, they’ve figured out a relatively simple way to recreate Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco. Here’s how you do it.

taco bell, breakfast waffle taco

1. Make yourself the largest circular waffle you can. The bigger, the better. Remember, the goal is to cram a ton of ingredients inside this thing. (Side note: since the waffles can get crumbly, you can use a spatula handle to help hold it all together when you form the crease down the center.)

2. Fry a giant sausage patty until brown and thoroughly cooked. The key here is to make sure it’s thin and flexible so it’s easier to form into the taco shape. Also keep in mind that it will probably shrink significantly in the cooking process. Mr. Breakfast recommends making your raw patty 50 percent larger than the size you want once it’s finished cooking.

3. Scramble some eggs. Two eggs per taco is the recommended serving size.

4. Layer your waffle taco. The order is as is: waffle, sausage patty, eggs, syrup. An ounce of syrup spread across the entirety of your breakfast taco should be just perfect.

5. Eat every morning for breakfast until you have a heart attack.

Here are some more photos to make you drool…

taco bell, breakfast waffle tacotaco bell, breakfast waffle taco

Via Mr. Breakfast