The Carmelo Anthony Press Conference Quote Generator

He can only say, "we suck" so many times.

brett-smileyby brett-smiley

Carmelo Anthony recently said that he’s running out of comments for reporters about the disastrous New York Knicks. “It seems like it’s becoming repetition, saying the same thing over and over.” The Knicks have offered some false hope with Phil Jackson rumors and a blowout win in a scrimmage over the Sixers, but there are still around 20 games left and things are bound to get ugly again for ‘Melo. To give the franchise player a crutch from now until his final game in orange and blue, we offer this menu of excuses and explanations. It’s largely based on things he’s already said, but the mixing and matching will keep things fresh if you want a quick and concise explanation for the most recent Knicks implosion. You’re welcome, Carmelo. The nightmare will be over soon.

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