Watch as This Guy Tries to Drink a Gallon of Tabasco Sauce

There's a fine line between daring and incredibly stupid.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

A guy on YouTube who calls himself the L.A. Beast has been known to at least try consuming everything from 150 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets to a cactus, so it’s safe to say that his colon isn’t his biggest fan.

But attempting to guzzle an entire gallon of Tabasco sauce last month might have been his craziest stunt yet, and it’s being covered by media outlets like Time magazine and Huffington Post. So, what the hell? Let’s see if this guy dies. (WARNING: Intense vomiting alert!)

The most troubling part of the phrase, “I’m never drinking a gallon of Tabasco sauce again,” has to be the word again.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a Raiders fan, but we’re beyond shocked that he didn’t break the bottle of Tabasco sauce over the table and try to stab someone with it.

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