10 Kids Stuck In Arcade Claw Machines

Livin' the dream.

max-millerby max-miller

Last weekend at an arcade in, wait for it…Florida, a little girl went all Robin Hood on a claw machine. She managed to climb inside and then began to hand out toys to people based on their requests. The funny thing is, she isn’t the first kid to pull this off. It happens more regularly than you would think and we have proof. Here are 10 kids who lived every child’s dream by getting stuck in arcade claw machines filled with toys, starting with the little Robin Hood herself.

This kid seems to think if he doesn’t move a muscle, no one will notice.

This little guy wouldn’t last very long in prison.

Some kids just know when they’ve hit the jackpot.

I like to be alone when I drink too.

That’s the face he probably made when he was told it was time to go home.

The embarrassment was too much for this one.

What a baller.

Forget the stork. Tell your kids this is where they came from.