This Homemade Polish Cannon is Pretty Damn Powerful

Do not try this at home...or anywhere.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. Eastern European countries aren’t known for being on the cutting edge when it comes to technology, weaponry, or hygiene.

But that doesn’t mean a couple of dudes in Poland detonating a homemade cannon in what looks like a god-awful neighborhood in which to raise a family isn’t worth watching. In fact, we would file this one under “must watch” TV.

This Homemade Polish Cannon is Pretty Damn Powerful

That seriously might be the funniest damn thing we’ve seen all year, and since it’s only eight seconds long, it’s definitely worth watching two or three or 18 more times. It’s worth noting that it looks like building the cannon was damn near as dangerous as detonating it, as the guy on the right already has his hand bandaged before they set that thing off. And those dudes walked away with all their limbs somehow, which of course means they probably tried that again.

And while it looks like there might be a shortage of employment opportunities in this particular neighborhood, the same can’t be said about spray paint. Geez.

(via Sploid)

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