Guy’s Friends Photoshop His Obnoxious Profile Picture

You aren't truly friends until you've embarrassed them on the Internet.

max-millerby max-miller

Look, if you are going to choose a ridiculously obnoxious profile picture, you have to know that your friends are most likely going to have at it with their crude Photoshop skills. I give you Exhibit A. This chubby fella chose to use a picture of him dancing with a lei around his neck at some kind of faux luau (a luaux, if you will). He looks idiotic as is, shaking his fists during the go-to move of every uncoordinated white guy at an event with a dance floor. His friends, however, decided the magical position he was captured in would work better in a few different environments. Here’s what they came up with. Oh, and please keep doing this to your friends, people. It will never get old.