12 Bizarre Things Doctors Found in X-Rays

This is gonna require more than a WebMD search.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

Most of us have had to get an X-ray at some point in our lives after breaking a bone or some other common injury. Then there are these people. This isn’t a routine trip to the doctor. These are the stories that nurses will be telling their friends and families about for years to come. Here are 12 of the most bizarre things doctors have found in an X-ray.

1. Reed Harris thought it would be a great idea to put an engagement ring for his girlfriend in a milkshake at Wendy’s. Proof that romance isn’t dead, right? Unfortunately his girlfriend was racing her other friends to see who could finish their shake first and she swallowed the ring. A few days later she passed it and accepted his proposal.

2. In 2006, a prisoner named Fateh Mohammad was serving four years in a Pakistani prison when he woke up one morning with a glass lightbulb stuck up his anus. He was in obvious discomfort but said he had no idea how the bulb got there. Doctors had to remove the bulb intact because if it had broken it would have gotten much worse. As if that’s a situation you need to get any worse.

3. Doctors in China were shocked when they discovered a girl had gotten mad at her boyfriend and, for some reason, decided to swallow 20 cobblestones. I’m not sure what point that proves in a fight, but the pain and discomfort she experienced for the next several days was probably not worth it.

4. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a kidney stone, but it is absolutely horrendous. I can’t imagine what Sandor Sarkadi went through when doctors discovered a 6-inch, 2.5-lb kidney stone inside his body. Considering the largest kidney stones are, at most, the size of a golf ball, this is beyond a rarity.

5. Talk about going from bad to worse. An Israeli woman had a cockroach jump into her mouth and crawl to the back of her throat. She panicked and tried to push the roach out with a fork, but then swallowed both the roach and the fork. Doctors had to perform surgery to extract the fork, but the bug had already been digested.

6. A man in Littleton, Colo., was complaining about a toothache for nearly a week when he finally went to the doctor. It turns out there was a four-inch nail through the roof of his mouth. The 23-year-old was a construction worker and had a nail gun backfire while he was working. One nail went into a piece of wood behind him and the second one, unknowingly, shot into his mouth. It took four hours to extract the nail, which was 1 ½ inches into his brain.

7. An 8-year-old girl in Huntingburg, Indiana gave her parents a terrifying scare when she swallowed 20 steel marbles and 10 magnets. The hospital informed her parents that her intestines “looked like they had been punctured by eight gunshot wounds.” The company that made the toy, Mega Brands, had to recall 7.8 million products from similar injuries to children.

8. In 2011, Private Channing Moss was in an armored car in Afghanistan when it was attacked. During the attack a rocket-propelled grenade entered Moss’ body, but luckily it didn’t detonate. The craziest part is that doctors couldn’t perform CPR on him and restart his heart until after explosives experts removed the grenade.

9. If you’ve ever wondered how terrible prison must be, look no further than the evidence provided by the X-rays of prisoners in Raleigh, North Carolina. The inmates would do anything to get trips out of the prison and into outside hospitals, and that includes swallowing anything from batteries to bed springs. No thanks.

10. After having part of her colon removed, an Australian woman started complaining about pains in her abdomen. The pain continued for several months until she insisted the hospital do an X-ray. It turns out during her abdomen surgery a pair of scissors were left inside of her body. The hospital apologized and said they have no explanation as to how this could have happened.

11. Speaking of scissors, back in 2009 a Chinese man was using a pair of nail scissors as a toothpick after a meal. One of his friends told a joke and as the man laughed he accidentally sucked the scissors down his throat, cutting him from the inside. It took doctors 30 minutes to remove the scissors, which doesn’t sound that bad until you consider that they could only use local anaesthetic because if he was put completely under he would have completely swallowed the object.

12. If you thought being in a gang was difficult, you don’t know the half of it. Four prisoners in El Salvador were caught smuggling cell phones into the facilities. The men had put them in plastic bags and shoved them up their butts in order to continue to run their gangs while behind bars. The only way they were caught is that authorities became suspicious of their behavior and ordered immediate X-rays. One of the guys also had a charger up in there. How did they decide which one had to take on that additional burden?