This Heat-Fan Grandma Is Hysterical

This is so much better than watching the Heat continue winning.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

This much enthusiasm from an old woman is usually reserved for craft fairs and breakthroughs in the world of diabetes medicine.

But this grandma yelling at her television during the Miami Heat’s 102-90 victory over the Indiana Pacers in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals is one the funniest damn things we’ve ever seen.

Watching the video in its entirety is highly recommended, but here’s a short list of our favorite outbursts in case you don’t have time because your boss is walking toward your desk.

Ugh. Bosh, you’re slipping, now. Come on, don’t play games.

You’re getting to big for your britches now, right? You got to play careful.

What are you whistling about?

I like Wade, but he’s not that great, really.

I won’t even discuss Brooklyn.

See how that jerk was pushing LeBron? He was pushing him.

There’s one referee I really don’t like. Crawford? Is that his name? I really don’t like that man.

Man, we can’t wait for Game 5 tonight now. Go Heat (Grandma)!

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