The Absolute Worst Rooms For Rent

You might be better off living on the street.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

Finding a good place to live isn’t easy. Especially if you’re living in a major city like Los Angeles or New York. Most likely, you’ll be overpaying for a pretty crappy living space that you’ll be too embarrassed to let anyone see. Even if that’s the case, you’re still better off than any of the people who end up renting any of the rooms on The Worst Room – a Tumblr that is exactly what the title says. Some are real, some may not be, but they’re all definitely the worst rentals you’ll see. Take a look at some of these horrid rooms for rent and their descriptions so you can go home to your crappy apartment and be beyond thankful you have it.

Bushwick, Brooklyn. $3600.00
“A Hidden Gem”
“A vast space that is truly inspiring.”

Los Angeles, California. $500.00
“take notice it is a small room”

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. $600.00
“It will be like a total dorm room thing”
“the other roommate has to walk through your room to get to theirs”
(and if you just fold the futon in half, you have floorspace and a couch!)

Raymond, NH. $600.00
“finished basement”
(Perfect for single detectives working on unsolved murder cases)

Atlanta, Georgia. $595.00
“no frills bachelor pad”
“this place is totally weird. only a weirdo could appreciate it”
“tiny grungy”

Sydney, Australia. $350/week
(The “shit-in” kitchen)
“City living at its best”

Mission District, San Francisco. $480.00
“Luxury Closet Living”
“I thought I’d only be able to live in a closet for a few months and that was nearly two years ago.”
“I kept shoes and clothes in baskets, which you can do too.”

Upper West Side, Manhattan. $850.00
“mezzanine above the living room”
“it’s about 3 feet tall so you can’t stand up”
“you wont have a door but the loft is somehow private”

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. $750.00

Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $1200.00

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