Guy Drinks A Gallon Of Honey While Face Is Covered In Bees

He's got to BEE crazy!

max-millerby max-miller

“Why?!,” we are all asking ourselves. Why in the world would a man attempt to drink a gallon of honey, let alone do it with bees all over his face? Well, because this man is L.A. Beast, the competitive food eater who we last saw attempting to finish a gallon of Tabasco sauce in one go. So we’re starting to get to the point where we don’t question his actions. Instead, we welcome them and we’ll glad watch him destroy his body from the inside one video at a time. Like the beekeeper in the video who doesn’t recommend that L.A. Beast go through with it, we recommend that you don’t try this at home.

Feel free to skip to the 5:15 mark to jump right to the honey guzzling. (WARNING: In typical L.A. Beast fashion, this video comes with an intense vomiting alert!)