An Exclusive Look at the Cleveland Browns’ Preseason Notes

It's gonna be a hell of a season.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

After the Browns had a solid outing at the NFL draft and made several big moves in free agency, fans have become ecstatic about the upcoming season. Believe it or not, we have even more news for Cleveland fans. I was given exclusive access to their front office and war room to see how things work.

While I was there I took a few pictures and scribbled down a few notes of what I saw. If these findings are any indication of the Browns’ upcoming season, it certainly seems the Browns are up to their same old “tricks.”

1. This was found in the draft room the morning after the 2014 NFL Draft. It seems like the Browns definitely had some other plans up their sleeve if Johnny Manziel wasn’t available when it was their time to make a pick.

2. One of the team’s laptops was left open with the following notes displayed. Seems like the Browns have an aggressive yet unconventional strategy for this year:

3. If you’re wondering how Josh Gordon got in trouble with drugs yet again, this may have had something to do with it:

4. I found an image on the desktop of that same computer that suggested maybe the Browns were going to crudely photoshop players into Browns’ jerseys and try to trick them into thinking they’d been traded to the team. Is that even allowed?

5. I know they want to market Johnny Football as much as possible, but this design I saw on another computer doesn’t seem like the best route to go, in my opinion.

6. Every center on the team had this written on his hand. Is this a common problem with NFL players?

7. I saw a box labeled “GAME PLAN” and saw this. If you’re an NFL team that’s going to use Madden as a guide to play calling, wouldn’t you at least get the newest one? Why do they only have Madden ’11?

8. There is a team intern whose job is to refresh the same Google search every 30 seconds in case there’s any news on it. They take 8-hour shifts 24 hours per day. During one of the shift changes I took a quick screenshot. This is their play for next season:

9. Everyone thinks Johnny Manziel will be a great winter quarterback because he’s always talking about snow flurries. I don’t think they realize this photo from his locker isn’t about celebrating the Christmas season.

10. At one point, everyone got really excited because Josh Gordon had said he’s given up weed and would spend his free time focusing solely on video games. Unfortunately this was the Nintendo he had purchased.