Vulgar Woman Gets Kicked Off US Airways Flight, Goes Nuts

She may lose her frequent flier miles for this.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

What is going on with US Airways this summer?

It seems like just yesterday we posted a story about a gigantic dog dropping a couple of gigantic deuces in the aisle of a US Airways flight, forcing it to make an emergency landing, and now here’s a video of a vulgar woman forcibly being taken off one of their planes. (Warning – NSFW language)

According to Uproxx, another passenger on the flight commented that the woman was removed from the plane because she was “loud, vulgar and disruptive,” and after watching the video 14 times, we’d say that pretty much sums it up.

If you don’t have 58 seconds to watch the video in its entirety, don’t panic. Jump to the 38-second mark to catch the end of the woman’s rant before she collects herself and calmly tells the African-American woman “they’re racist,” as if she’s making one last-ditch effort to get somebody to join her team. You’ll also be able to hear the, “Oh man, I’m in deep shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” cry at the 45-second mark. It’s hysterical.

And if the parents of the young girl holding her headphones at the end of the video have been going to extremes to keep her from listening to Eminem, they might as well just give her his entire catalog for Christmas, as this woman’s rant pretty much wrecked years of good parenting in less than one minute.