Replacing Rock Stars’ Guitars With Slugs Puts a Slimy Spin on Solos

These musicians are some of the best ever, but they still seem sluggish to us.

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

The concept here is simple, yet brilliant. Guitarists tend to make strange faces when they are busting out sweet licks, but sometimes they look more afraid than they do “in the zone.” Enter Slug Solos, which replaces their guitars with giant slug creatures, rendering their faces a bit more accurate to the situation. Sure, bassists holding fish probably would have made a lot more sense, but why argue the logic with something as entertaining as this?

James Hetfield of Metallicaslug solos, james hetfield metallica
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer
slug solos, river cuomo weezer
Ace Frehley of Kissslug solos, ace frehley kiss
John Mayer
slug solos, john mayer
Carlos Santana
slug solos, carlos santana
Angus Young of AC/DC
slug solos, angus young ac/dc
Jimi Hendrix
slug solos, jimi hendrix
Eddie Van Halen of Van Halenslug solos, eddie van halen
Bruce Springsteen
slug solos, bruce springsteen
Keith Richards of The Rolling Stonesslug solos, keith richards rolling stones
Dave Grohl of Foo Fightersslug solos, dave grohl foo fighters
Matt Bellamy of Muse
slug solos, matt bellamy muse
Adam Levine of Maroon 5slug solos, adam levine maroon 5
slug solos, prince
Chuck Berry, slugging it out with the best of themslug solos
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