Reliable Rumors for Apple’s New iPhone Release

Speculation, rumors and gossip. What more do you want?

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham

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Most Internet rumors have about the same weight as a fart in a windstorm. But when it comes to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 release, you can bet the house they’ll have something worth tweeting about. Leading up to the annual Apple conference (held on Sept. 9) all sorts of rumors are filling the mill, and here are some of the most reliable ones. But remember, they’re only rumors. We could be going back to flip phones any day now for all we know.

Big and Curvy, Just How We Like ‘Em
The last line of iPhones gave us the option between aluminum or plastic, but rumors suggest this season will bring us a choice between big (4.7-inch) or bigger (5.5-inch) iPhones, which may satisfy Android users enough to switch over this time around. The larger body would only increase our need for new cases after getting new ones with the last model, but then again, what did you expect from Apple?
Potentially one of the most exciting innovations for the new iPhone, however, is the suggestion of a curved screen, as oppiphone 6 rumors, iphone 6 curve screenosed to the greasy flat panel we’ve grown so accustomed to pressing against our oily faces. A slightly tapered front panel that slides into the usual flat structure has been reported by some analysts, along with the fact that Apple bought out a company that specializes in curvature for touch screens. After so many models, a little curve on these girls might be a sexy change, plus we get another reason to buy a new case if the larger models don’t show up.

Faster, Stronger and More Spacious
Apple’s goal has always been and will continue to be to create an iPhone better than its predecessor. The rumored A8 chip is potentially a dual-core processor with frequency of 2.0 GHz, outrunning the A7 chip of recent models while working inside of a likely thinner body. In addition, the rumor inside of a rumor is that perhaps there is a larger 5.5-inch model for people who wanted a larger phone and, to boot, that iPhone might, just might, come with 128GB for users to play with. That’s the same amount of gigabytes Apple puts into a standard MacBook Air, if you need an idea of where Apple might be going with this.
Apple may also be bringing a more highly durable sapphire display to the table, similar to the home button on 5S models, but across the entire front panel, which may help with the constant dropping of iPhones on pavement and clumsy slips into the toilet.

iPhone Air?
Not only might the new iPhone be larger and faster, but lighter too. Doesn’t this defy physics? Leaked photos of possible models, flooding the internet as of late, suggest an iPhone 6 that is between 6 and 7 mm, nearly as thin as the current iPod Touch. It’s so thin that – between size and the last iPad Air model – that Apple miiphone 6 rumors, iphone 6 thin, iphone airght stop counting and start calling it the first iPhone Air. Expect the new model to carry the weight comparable to that of a bird feather.

Protruding Lens & More Megapixels
Now things start to get interesting. Some of these highly speculated iPhone models – the larger ones mostly – potentially have more uses than the average phone, and with that, Apple may give folks who are willing to shell out more money (possibly $299) more bang for their buck. So it is with fascinated skepticism that we introduce the idea of a protruding camera lens – that is, a zoom that extends from the body of the iPhone.

But regular-sized iPhone appreciators will be happy to know that Apple is likely to step up its camera game, offering a possible 13-megapixel camera compared to its current 8 MP. Other smartphones boast their higher megapixel cameras in comparison with Apple’s, but don’t be surprised if the good guys come out with some improvements this year, like a better True Tone flash as well.

Considering they just bought out Instagram for way too much money, it’s safe to say they appreciate the popularity of DIY photography. In addition, Apple has been working with some optical image stabilization (OIS) specialists for focusing on moving objects and shakiness. That way, even the worst photo-takers have a chance at capturing something that is halfway shareable.

Pushing Our Buttons
In addition to some possible new shapes, sizes and colors, the new iPhone body might work in a few easier-to-press buttons on the side. The standard round volume buttons will potentially be replaced with recessed, pill-shaped buttons that won’t cause carpal tunnel to push. And since sleeping and waking up are apparently someiphone 6 rumors, new iphone 6 conceptsthing everybody’s into these days, there is a possible sleep/wake button that will appear on either the right side of the iPhone or top left.

Wearable, Pair-able Technology
Everyone’s been blathering about wearable technology ever since Google Glass came to be, and the big question is when Apple will release their rumored iWatch and other devices that keep us from escaping their death grip. The rumored iWatch would be a wearable wrist trinket that syncs to the iPhone and allows us to view the most crucial elements of our daily lives – email, text and calls – without having iPhones on our person. We’re just one step closer to looking like a bunch of real life Power Rangers (hopefully Michael Bay doesn’t ruin that too). Look for this announcement on the same day, in addition to new iPod models.

Release Date
The only question that remains is when. With the Apple conference scheduled for September 9, expect pre-orders and sales to be right around the corner, and if history repeats itself, sales could start as early as Friday, September 19. But if history repeats itself again, the new model will be on everyone’s wish list and back-ordered at least until October, maybe December. There is also the rumor Apple will be staggering the release of larger 5.5-inch models for later. Our suggestion? Be on your toes and nab one immediately, unless you don’t mind hanging onto your current phone for another three months.

Keep in mind, though, that the previous iPhone 5S model will be available dirt cheap, as in possibly $1, so either Apple has big changes ahead with their new model, or they’re just plum drunk with power. If you were hoping for cheaper, you’ll likely have to wait, as a plastic version (6C) may not arrive until next year when the iPhone 6S – or whatever it’s called – arrives.