Famous Bald Guys With Terrible Toupees

This is the dumbest thing you will see today.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Do any of these guys care that they are bald? I’m guessing no, considering they are all either powerful, iconic, successful, rich or any combination of those. But maybe, way deep down inside, there is a tiny sliver of their souls that wonders what they would look like with a full head of thick, beautiful hair. Well wonder no more. Here’s what a bunch of famous bald guys would look like with terrible toupees, because we all know that you’ve always wondered about this and now you will know because of us. Mandatory does it again for all its fans.

Famous Bald Guys With Terrible Toupees

Patrick Stewart
funny celebrity toupees

Bruce Willis
funny celebrity toupees bruce willis

Vin Diesel
funny celebrity toupees vin diesel

Mahatma Gandhi
funny celebrity toupees gandhi

Larry David
funny celebrity toupees larry david

J.K. Simmons
funny celebrity toupees jk simmons

Telly Savalas
funny celebrity toupees telly savalas

Michael Jordan
funny celebrity toupees michael jordan

funny celebrity toupees moby

Verne Troyer
celebrity toupees verne troyer

Ben Kingsley
funny celebrity toupees ben kingsley

Andre Agassi
funny celebrity toupees andre agassi

Donald Trump
funny celebrity toupees donald trump

So now be glad that all these famous celebrities and athletes don’t exactly look like this in real life, and it is only because we have fantastic Photoshop skills. Well, we think we do at least. But we take it back, none of these guys look like this, except the last one. Yep, good old Donald Trump. That hair will go to the Hair Hall of Fame (is there such a thing? There should be).