Type in “Dumb F***” on Google Maps and the United States Supreme Court Appears

Google has some explaining to do.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

Google Maps is convenient when searching for an address, but apparently now you can type in “Dumb F***” on Google Maps and the United States Supreme Court pops up. Which probably isn’t very helpful if you’re attempting to write a paper on our government. Although it might be more accurate.

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Google continues to have problems aside from the whole “Dumb F***” fiasco. Last night, Google had a horribly racist search leading users to the Whit House.

There have been awful, racist comments directed at President Obama since the day he took office, and this is just another example, only now a massive company has to answer for it.

“Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused,” Google executives said. “Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly,” a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying.

News, Google Map Search

There is no word yet on whether someone hacked Google or if one of their employees did this themselves, but regardless, it is just an ignorant person with too much time on their hands, desperate for some attention while they wait for their Hot Pockets to be ready.