Watch This Huge Bear Chase A California Man Inside His House

Best defense: Crawl into a ball and pray.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

In the words of the late, great John Candy, “Big bear. Big bear chase me.”

It’s hard to imagine something more terrifying than having a “fake bear” traumatize you, but we managed to find a video that just might fit the bill.

A man in Mammoth Lakes recently returned home from work and found his roommate asleep and two doors that were left wide open.

Oh, and he also found a mother bear and her two cubs in his kitchen. But instead of dancing together in a charming musical number for the next five minutes like every Disney movie ever, the mother bear got pissed and chased Rodney Ginn upstairs.

And that’s when things got crazy:

Bear Chases California Man Inside His House

Ginn said he initially thought the noise coming from the kitchen was his roommate fixing a snack, but that obviously wasn’t the case. It’s unknown how he eventually got the bears out of his house or how much alcohol he consumed after surviving something like that.

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