This Week’s 20 Funniest Tweets 10-7-16

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Funny Tweets 10-7-16


— Jay Dior (@JayKenMinaj) September 23, 2016

if you can’t handle me at my worst, I really commend and respect you for setting healthy boundaries for yourself!

— steph stone (@stephsstone) October 1, 2016

*18 red flags*
sure why not

— Her Tall Boots (@fuzzlime) September 24, 2016

When you post a selfie but no one favs it

— ben™ (but spooky) (@benicus_rex) February 26, 2016

— Goth Ms. Frizzle (@spookperson) October 1, 2016

juice demon

— yung spleen (@softhills) October 2, 2016

Hey kids, wanna eat Olaf’s sweetened innards, like the disgusting little monsters you are?

— Living Marble (@living_marble) September 14, 2016

I’ve carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so i could do this once. Yesterday was the day

— Dunks (@adunkel2016) September 29, 2016

Me: kentuckys new logo looks like two birds banging

911: sir this line is for emergen- wait what

Me: yah turn it sideways

911:…holy shit

— rudy mustang (@roostermustache) October 1, 2016

When autocorrect changes “omw” to “On my way!”

— Lets Be Real (@iadorewomen_) September 21, 2016


GF: I guess this is goodbye

ME: I told you, I’m not very good at goodbyes

GF: [crying] Goodbye

ME: [trying real hard] Geebumf

— Mat (@MatCro) August 8, 2016

My new hobby: finding incomprehensible diagrams on office whiteboards and adding alarming conclusions to them

— /dæn•’slɪ.mən/ (@danslimmon) September 30, 2016

Ok but why do I look like the fucking ride

— Christine Sydelko (@csydelko) October 3, 2016

So you just bouta sit there and pull out your phone and make a while your grandad is dying..

— JAY VERSACE (@tharealversace) September 23, 2016

good morning

— darcie (@333333333433333) September 22, 2016

Halloween will be about fucking when your older
(kid nervously takes candy)

— 69 IQ Lifecoach (@pr0spector88) October 14, 2014

Thought this nigga died.

— :bka.Jai:bka_jai (@bka_jai) September 23, 2016

— Jonathan M. Katz (@KatzOnEarth) October 2, 2016

ME: *slams buzzer* MUFFIN FUCKER?
PAT: 1) we don’t have buzzers 2) that doesn’t even fit 3) I’ll give you $20 to leave now
ME: no deal Howie

— Bucky Isotope (@BuckyIsotope) September 22, 2016

this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me

— mb (@michaellbutlerr) September 29, 2016

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