Teen Tries The ‘100 Layer Challenge,’ Ends Up Sobbing And Completely Regretting Her Decision

Well, that was a dumb decision.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

If you are so bored that the only way you can cure your boredom is by drowning your body in 100 articles of clothing, it is time you reconsider your life. Hell, it’s time you reconsider your closet. Who the hell has 100 pieces of clothing? Rich snobs, that’s who.

Remember those two girls who ate some Carolina Reaper peppers? Or how about the guy who thought it would be a grand idea to do a bong rip of the hottest pepper on the planet? Remember what happened? Chaos. And the girl below, while she didn’t consume anything, still really, really regrets her decision.

The challenge is simple: Apply 100 layers of various products to your face or body. Internet hottie Jenner Marbles attempted it in this video. Well Twitter user _andreeaa3 decided to try 100 layers of clothes. And obviously, it was not a good idea at all. Take a look at how this poor girl completely loses it and beings to sob, as she realizes she is stuck in her layers.

Andrea isn’t dead in a pile of her own shirts because her friends came to help. Check out what she said thanks to her Twitter:

100 Layer Challenge



Well, may we never forget this:

100 Layer Challenge


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