Christmas Gets a Bad Wrap With These 23 Terrible Gift Wrapping Attempts

That's a wrap.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
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’Tis the season, and by that, we mean the season of terrible wrapping jobs to go appropriately with terrible presents. When it comes to the worst possible gift wrapping attempts ever encountered, we’ve got the market cornered. And by that, we mean we pulled the best of the best from other sites so we, too, can give you the best terrible things this holiday season. Merry Christmas, you messy scoundrels.

Christmas Gets a Bad Wrap With These 23 Terrible Gift Wrapping Attempts 

So now that you’ve gone through this gallery of fail, how do you feel about your own wrapping? Bad? Well, that’s perfectly OK if you intended to give that gift to one of your a-hole friends. Although I’m sure they will comment on your shitty wrapping. You know, because they are a-holes. Or better yet, if you’re someone that’s going to give your kids close to 100 gifts this year, they probably won’t notice at all.

Now hurry and grab the tape, wrapping paper and scissors, and get to wrapping those still not wrapped gifts!

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