Australian Woman Loses Weight After An Ex Calls Her ‘Fat,’ Now She’s Healthy And Hot

On hot tamale.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Hayley Westoby

It was just a little while ago that we told you about a woman who lost 100 pounds after discovering her cheating husband had called her a “cow,” and now we have another story of a woman losing plenty of weight after being bashed by someone she thought she loved. As always, looking hot is always the perfect revenge.

Hayley Westoby, a 25-year-old woman from Sydney, saw herself at over 260 pounds during her first year of college due to liquor (obviously) and lots of junk food (obviously). But all that change after her and an ex had an argument and he told her to “lose some weight.” Never comment on a woman’s weight, dude. That’s basic knowledge.

Well those harsh words didn’t get Westoby down, but instead motivated her to get healthy. And now take a look at what she looks like now.

That’s right.

“Before my weight had been mentioned, I hadn’t realized how much weight I’d put on,” Westoby tells Daily Mail. “It had been a gradual thing since starting university, where I gained the ‘Fresher 10’ and then some, thanks to my student diet of junk food and booze.”

“But after the shock of realizing how much weight I had put on had worn off, it made me look at my party lifestyle and I realized I had actually let myself go,” Westoby adds. “I decided to set myself an achievable target of losing five kilos (11 pounds) and was amazed at how quickly it came off. So I kept going, educating myself on exercise and nutrition along the way.”

And now she’s gone from 262 pounds to 119 pounds. Take a look at more photos of her now thanks to her Instagram.

It’s clear that hard work pays off. It is also clear that I’d rather go the lazy route.

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