10 People Who Love Robots A Little Too Much

"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto translates to "I love you, you hunk of junk."

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: 20th Century Fox

It’s been obvious for some time that robots are going to replace humans in just about every way. They already do our jobs, pretty soon they’re going to be having sex with us, and who knows what else they’ll get up to. We’re not psyched about this, but science doesn’t give a crap about our feelings. Some people out there are looking forward to being dominated by our mechanical masters, though, and are already changing their lives to include robotics. Here are ten men and women who are into robots way more than might be healthy.

10 People Who Love Robots A Little Too Much

So hey, maybe those men and women above are just ahead of the game, as sooner or later humans will probably have to worship robots. I mean, that’s usually what happens inĀ most science fiction movies I’ve seen before. So these men and women are just getting a head start. Until then, if robots aren’t your thing, you can just stick with sex dolls for now. Yep, that should be OK.

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