Venezuelan Being Called ‘Worst Skier Alive’ After His First Ever Event On Snow

It went about as well as Gary Busey reading Shakespeare in front of a crowd that's deaf.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
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Trying to learn how to ski in Venezuela is like trying to become a professional surfer while you’re growing up in Wisconsin: A really bad idea.

Exhibit A in that argument is this poor fucker Adrian Solano, who trained on wheels in his native Venezuela and then gave competitive skiing on snow the old college try for the first time ever in the qualifying round in Lahti 2017 yesterday.

Let’s just say it went about as well as Russell Crowe’s singing career.

Venezuelan Being Called ‘Worst Skier Alive’ After His First Ever Event On Snow

Seriously, I haven’t seen anybody struggle like that since my 91-year-old grandfather’s attempt to make it to the shitter on Taco Tuesday at the Elks Lodge.

There are many trolls calling Solano the worst skier alive, especially since he wasn’t able to finish his run, but that’s pretty ridiculous considering none of them have ever seen my old man give it a shot. I’m telling you, my old man on skis is almost as laughable as whatever the hell this is:

The good news for Solano is that his glass is half-full, and he knows that things can only get better from here, which is pretty much the same thing I told myself every morning I woke up in college in a puddle of my own piss…

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