Guess What Happened When This Guy Stuck His Head In A Crocodile’s Mouth (Graphic)

I've got a headache THIS big!

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
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You figure out many things as a youngster that you just shouldn’t do, primarily because doing such things would result in serious injury, some kind of disfiguration or even death, and you learn these things without an adult telling you not to do them because in the end, it’s really just common sense.

Running into oncoming traffic seems like it would be pretty high on that list, as would things like jamming a fork in your brother’s forehead, eating whatever it is that you just dug out of your ass and of course, sticking your penis in the microwave.

Also high on that list? You guessed it: Putting your head inside the mouth of a crocodile, especially one that is being used as a replacement because the one that was supposed to be used for the stunt died on the way to the performance.

Unfortunately for one circus trainer in Vietnam, his boss’s idea that “the show must go on no matter what” backfired big time. Give it a watch if you want, but we’re pretty sure you know what’s coming. And it’s pretty damn graphic so heads up.

Guess What Happened When This Guy Stuck His Head In A Crocodile’s Mouth

Luckily for the trainer, he still has a pulse and is being treated at a nearby hospital.

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