10 Unusual Places You Can Get High

Put this in your pipe and smoke, everyone.

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: juhy13 (Getty)

Marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation, as state after state realizes they can make big tax money by cashing in on cannabis. It’s a smart move, as the drug is no worse for you than alcohol in the long run. Some people are worried that the new administration might start cracking down on THC sales, but others are in it to win it. People in legal states are opening all kinds of pot-related businesses, and here are ten of the most unusual. Because if you’re going to go ahead and get nice and high, you might as well go all out and do something crazy besides what you usually do: get high, and watch daytime talk shows for hours on end. As awesome as that may be.

10 Unusual Places You Can Get High

Now, after reading about these ten places, are you in the mood to get high? Oh, what’s that? You’re already high and have been for quite some time? Well, I’d like to think that the majority of people who enjoy everything we write up are usually high, so I completely understand.

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