The Week’s Funniest GIFs 5-25-17

Get the scoop on all these loops.

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

It’s that glorious time of the week where we get the GIFs flowing. And once you start watching them, you won’t be able to stop. In fact, if you are, please let us know. That means they’re broken.

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The Week’s Funniest GIFs 5-25-17

GIFs 5-25-17
Someone want to tell her that’s not a hammock? Oh nevermind, she figured it out.
Eww, and even after she licked it?
On the plus side, at least a lot of people saw that.
GIFs 5-25-17
Good thing the point and laugh comes in at the end, or I wouldn’t have known how to react.
If you’re going to scar them for life, might as well do it in multiple ways at once.
Excuse me miss, you dropped your deadly firearm.
In a twist that no one saw coming, it turns out cats and gators don’t go great together.
GIFs 5-25-17
What your friends really think of your stupid selfies.
Low bridge!
She’s a natural at downward dog, too.
What a gentleman. Sorry, we meant “What, a gentleman? No way.”
GIFs 5-25-17
Eat poison, lady.

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