10 People With Insane Mental Powers

Just use that brain of yours.

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: Murray Close/20th Century Fox

Inside your skull, you’re toting around a biological supercomputer capable of some pretty amazing feats. It stores everything you’ve ever experienced and sends instructions to your diverse body parts to do all sorts of things. Not all brains are created equal, though. There are men and women out their who can do stuff with their gray matter that boggles the mind, no pun intended. So come join us as we assemble a super team of mental mutants from all over the globe. And hey, these are men and women that the world may call upon to rescue us from a villain like every hero movie I’ve seen. OK, that won’t happen, but hey, you never know.

10 People With Insane Mental Powers

So after reading through all of these I hope you folks understand just how powerful your brain can be. Hell, you can even bend a spoon in half if you try. I saw it on The Matrix, but I assume that it’s possible if you try hard enough. Until then, we will all keep struggling to remember what we ate for breakfast this morning.

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