Naked Wisconsin Man Chases After Drunk Wife During Argument Over Breakfast

Sounds totally worth it.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
Photo: NBC

I think it’s safe to say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for this couple.

According to the Daily Citizen, a 60-year-old Reeseville woman was arrested for driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated last Tuesday morning after police said she got behind the wheel of her car during a fight with her husband over what the couple was going to do for breakfast.

Naked Wisconsin Man Chases After Drunk Wife During Argument Over Breakfast


Police said the woman and her husband had been out getting sauced Monday night, but the trouble didn’t start until the following morning when the lovers disagreed over how breakfast was going to go down. The man allegedly wanted his wife to stay home and cook breakfast while the woman wanted to go out for some eats. She absolutely refused to stay home and jumped behind the wheel of her car, and that’s when the dispute turned into an episode of Joe Dirt meets Cops.

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“When she refused and tried to leave, he ran out naked holding his clothes and jumped on the hood,” Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said. “By the time deputies got there, she had pulled into the garage and tried to close the garage door.”

The man wasn’t arrested or charged for running out of the house in his birthday suit. It’s unknown what he did for breakfast after the police took his wife away.

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