Crazy Shootout Between Robbery Suspect And Cops Caught On Tape

This Baltimore shootout was caught on tape.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: YouTube

A guy in Baltimore was actually crazy enough to pull out his phone and start filming a shootout between a robbery suspect and police. But considering that everything is filmed these days it can’t really come as a surprise.

It all kicked off when police began to chase a man who was accused of robbing two people at the Logan Village Shopping Center early yesterday. The man hopped onto an MTA bus, but police were able to stop the bus just a block away. And that’s when the chaos started. The suspect then begins to shoot at police, and the wild scene was filmed.

Take a look at the insane video below.

Crazy Shootout Between Robbery Suspect And Cops Caught On Tape

I know the dude filming really, really wanted something awesome to share on his social media accounts, but is losing his life worth it?

All in all three people were shot including the robbery suspect who was shot dead. A police officer was shot and remains in serious condition, and a bystander was also shot but is expected to survive. Police have not yet released the identity of the shooter or of the injured.

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