8 Jobs Dudes Clearly Take To Hit On Women

Woman Talking to Lifeguard. Photo: Radius Images (Getty).

There are a lot of weird and gross ways to make money, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. Have you ever looked at a swimsuit calendar and thought, “Man, someone got paid to take pictures of hot chicks.” Or have you ever been sitting at a bar and watched a guy hit on a cute girl and get rejected? That poor sap was doing it for free. If you’re going to hit on women, you should at least find a way to get paid for it. Just don’t be creepy about it. The following men have figured out that loophole and turned it into a career. And no one was the wiser…until now.

Jobs Men Take Just To Hit On Women

Can you believe there are guys out there who can put food on the table by taking pictures of beautiful women? It should be a crime. Playmate Amberleigh West has been photographed by this guy. I don't know who pays who, or if it's just a great excuse to spend time with barely clothed women, but whatever it pays (or doesn't pay), it's a great job to use as an excuse to hang out with chicks.

photographer & model. Photo: Slyadnyev Oleksandr (Getty).

Women love to drink and dance, it's a scientific fact! It's so well known that there is an entire industry that lets women get into bars and clubs for free, and then charges men to get in. The way to get around this racket is to work for it. And if you're not big enough to be a bouncer, your next best option is to be a bartender. You get in for free, you get to watch all the women reject other guys, and see what works and what doesn't.

Young women having cocktail at bar. Photo: UpperCut Images (Getty).

There is a whole genre of porn about girls getting a massage and having it lead to some sex. There is no doubt in my mind that some guys get into this field by taking a class at the VoTech just to seduce women. There is probably nothing more disappointing to one of these dudes than having to massage a middle-aged midwestern guy. But that's life. Sometimes it'll toss you a hot woman, other times it will give you a boner killing fat guy.

Woman Receiving Massage. Photo: Michael Pole (Getty).

If you are a fan of fitness models, they probably owe their start to a personal trainer. Before Paige Hathaway was Paige Hathaway, she was a skinny blonde from Oklahoma. But getting paid to watch a woman workout is probably pretty sweet. I mean, we are going to steal glances at the hot chick at the gym anyway. Might as well make money doing it.

Man standing by exercise machines, woman in background. Photo: Stewart Cohen (Getty).

Titanic was probably the first time I thought, "Hey, chicks dig artists." And the best part is, the poorer you are, the better! Science has yet to figure out why poor artists are somehow deemed more authentic, but whatever. Tell a woman you want to painter her like one of your French girls and they will be putty in your hands.

Man gives flowers to a woman. Photo: Bablab (Getty).

This is really only true of high-end resorts; you certainly don't want to hit on girls at a roadside motel. It's a pretty sweet gig, and it kinda flies under the radar. You know who is there alone, you know where the empty rooms are, and you will probably get tipped.

Retro Lady and bell boy flirt Horizontal. Photo: Tempura (Getty).

Cliché, yes, but for a reason. Lifeguarding doesn't pay very well, but how much would you expect to make watching girls sunbathe? Just don't photograph them or you might just end up with the first job we mentioned.

Handsome Man at Beach. Photo: JudyKennamer (Getty).

I've got friends who do this. They say they do it for the exercise and the spiritual enlightenment, but I know the truth. That's the rub: you have to pretend to be authentic for anyone to take you seriously. Plus, Sara Jean Underwood enjoys naked yoga... I'd take it seriously for that alone.

Man carrying exercise ball in gym. Photo: Henglein and Steets (Getty).

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