Portable Body-Shaped Mattress Is The Convenient Way To Nap On The Go

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Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak
Photo: YouTube / Simone Giertz

If you’re unfamiliar with work of YouTuber Simone Giertz and her growing collections of practically impractical robots, she’s definitely someone to check out in your spare time. But on the other hand, aren’t you already getting tired just thinking about doing it? Don’t you wish there was some way to turn your midday lulls into power naps of epic proportion? Well, you might be barking up the wrong tree if that’s what you think exists somewhere, but how about just a body-shaped mattress you can strap to your back instead?

Portable Body-Shaped Mattress Is The Convenient Way To Nap On The Go

It might not technically be robotic in any way, but it is darn comfortable. Or at least, we assume it is considering Simone cut it out herself to match the contours of her body exactly. (Sidenote: why didn’t she get someone else in her workshop to trace her instead of trying to do it herself while wearing the thickest one-piece bodysuit we’ve ever seen?)

Look, it may just be a dumb joke, but at the very least, we walk away with a bit of knowledge we may have overlooked for years: capes can double as blankets. If that doesn’t make you want to be a superhero, nothing will.

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