Surgeons Remove 30 Inches Of Constipated Man’s Intestines (Warning: Gross)

Prepared to be grossed out.

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Photo: via Asiawire

Let me apologize in advanced for making you lose your appetite.

Everyone has experienced some constipation before, but something tells me that not a lot of folks have been through what this poor dude in China had to experience. Listen to this: surgeons actually had to perform a very uncommon procedure in order to remove, and get this, 30 inches of a 22-year-old man’s large intestines after a rare condition caused severe constipation to keep building up over a period of several years. That’s right, years.

Ready to be grossed out? Here’s what the surgeons pulled out:

Photo: via Asiawire

Photo: via Asiawire

Holy hell.

The rare condition that the patient has is known as¬†Hirschsprung’s disease, which is a disease that is caused by missing nerves. So because of this he didn’t have the nerves that would help him push out a bowel movement. So what happens when you don’t use the restroom? Well in this man’s case all of that junk was actually pushed into his guts, which had the potential to lead to even worse complications.

For a while the poor guy used laxatives and other similar medications to use the restroom, but eventually he needed surgery. The operation took three hours and led to docs removing 30 inches of the guy’s intestines — oh, and all in all it weighed 28 pounds.

Photo: via Asiawire

Photo: via Asiawire

But don’t worry, folks, the patient was stitched up and is expected to make a full recovery.

And now I hope my folks are proud that I went to college and am now writing about poop.

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