Today’s Funny Photos 6-14-17

Oh, happy day!

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

“Is it Wednesday already?” said no one. But alas, hump day is upon us, and the weekend still feels miles away. Of course, miles aren’t a unit of time, so that that doesn’t even make sense. Don’t just agree with me when I say dumb things like that. I appreciate being called out on my boobery. And speaking of that word I may or may not have just made up, today’s funny photos are loaded with whatever I say “boobery” means. And I say it means ridiculous fun. I’m probably right, too.

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Today’s Funny Photos 6-14-17

funny photos 6-14-17 2_funny_photos_6_14_17

funny photos 6-14-17

4_funny_photos_6_14_17 funny photos 6-14-17

That’s a shame: Watch And Wince As Jerry Seinfeld Accidentally-On Purpose Snubs Ke$ha For A Hug

6_funny_photos_6_14_17 7_funny_photos_6_14_17 8_funny_photos_6_14_17 9_funny_photos_6_14_17 10_funny_photos_6_14_17

And yet no one took this seriously: Countries That Look Like Pop Culture References

11_funny_photos_6_14_17 12_funny_photos_6_14_17 13_funny_photos_6_14_17 14_funny_photos_6_14_17 15_funny_photos_6_14_17

Damn! That’s the last of them. Or is it? Yesterday’s funny photos might disagree.