This Is The Most Brutal Prank Someone Can Pull On The Slingshot Ride

I think he may have died and come back to life.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: YouTube

I’ve never been on the slingshot ride as I’ve seen enough videos of people riding it to make sure I never get on that ride. Hell, I remember watching a video of one girl riding the slingshot ride and passing out not once, but twice. Why anyone would agree to put themselves through that torture boggles my mind. But hey, as long as someone is riding it we are going to enjoy the reactions. And now we have to talk about this reaction.

The clip below occurred at Magical Midway amusement park in Orlando, Florida and shows two people ready to be shot into the air. The dude clearly does not want to be on that ride while his pal/sister/girlfriend looks a bit more brave. Well the dude operating the ride must have sense how nervous this pair was because he decided to have a little fun with them and tell them their seatbelts weren’t properly fasten.

And now Jimmy Kimmel wants to know who in the hell the dude screaming his ass off on the ride is. Check out the hilarious video below.

This Is The Most Brutal Prank Someone Can Pull On The Slingshot Ride

Well, if he’s not ashamed by his reaction maybe he will reveal his identity to Jimmy.

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