10 Women Who Made Men Commit Horrible Crimes

A bunch of scary gals.

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: Susanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Women – the fairer sex. But sometimes they’re not all that fair. In this feature, we’ll spotlight ten ladies who used their feminine wiles to convince poor schmucks to break the law. Sure, most of these dudes were no angels in their own right, but they wouldn’t have crossed the lines they did without evil women pushing them along. Keep your hearts closed, gentlemen, because there are some real scary chicks out there. From a teenager making her boyfriend kill her dad to a woman making her step-son kill her husband to even a mom making her kid rob a bank, these women are clearly insane. Now go ahead and read for yourself all the crazy crimes that a lady was behind.

10 Women Who Made Men Commit Horrible Crimes

So I think it’s time to remind you of something, folks: never let a woman — hell, never let any person make you commit a crime. Instead, you should probably decide on your own if you want to commit a crime or not. Right? That seems fair.

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