Italian Soccer Chief Thinks Strippers And Lap Dances Will Boost Attendance

It'll definitely make games more "exciting."

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
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That would bring a whole new meaning to box seats.

According to Maxim, Italian Football Association president Carlo Tavecchio has come up with a rather interesting way of putting more people in the seats at the “dumps” known to most people as Italian soccer stadiums.

His idea? You guessed it: Bring in the strippers so fans can get lap dances while taking in the action.

Italian Soccer Chief Thinks Strippers And Lap Dances Will Boost Attendance

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“There shouldn’t only be football in stadiums, there should also be pharmacies, cinemas, supermarkets — we need to have more social activities,” Tavecchio said. “There could even be lap dancing.”

Now before you start hailing Tavecchio as a hero, it’s worth noting that he truly is nothing short of a batshit crazy asshole who has said some awful, awful things in the past:

“His controversial statements in the past include comparing African players to monkeys and referring to someone as a ‘lousy Jew.’ He was also caught on tape saying this about homosexuals: ‘I have nothing against them, but keep them away from me. I am very normal.'”

Photo: Nicolò Campo/LightRocket (Getty)

Photo: Nicolò Campo/LightRocket (Getty)

So yeah, the craziest part of this story just might be that this dude is actually still in charge of Italian soccer.

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