The 10 Craziest Beach Accidents

It's not always fun in the sun.

K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen
Photo: ricardoreitmeyer (Getty)

Sand, surf and sun – what could be better? The summer months see us heading out to the beach to enjoy the bevy of activities available to us. But with fun must always come danger. And we’re not talking about a sunburn on your back, food poisoning from a bad hot do or just some dehydration. The beach has played host to a number of pretty disturbing fatalities and other accidents over the years. If you’re trying to get your friends to skip the shore and stay in with video games and pizza, show them this article of ten gruesome, bizarre beach accidents. And we promise you that all of you might have second thoughts about heading out, and instead will find yourself enjoying the indoors instead.

The 10 Craziest Beach Accidents

Of course the majority of these accidents are just freak accidents, but if you do decide to head out to the beach just remember to be aware and stay safe out there, folks. You definitely do not want to become another slide on one of these slideshows in the near future. Trust us.

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