Woman Is Fat-Shamed By Husband, Loses Weight And Dumps Him

Quite the transformation.

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Instagram/Haley Bienert

Bet he’s regretting it now.

Just like the Australian woman lost weight after an ex called her “fat,” the same can be said for a 27-year-old woman named Haley Bienert who shed some weight after hurtful comments from her own husband.

Bienert reveals that she found herself binge eating during a toxic relationship with her husband — so much so that she saw herself weigh up to 224 pounds. Bienert also reveals that she would munch on a Subway foot-long, a bag of chips and four cookies for lunch before washing it down with a coke. This is what Bienert looked like before.

Photo: Haley Bienert

Photo: Instagram/Haley Bienert

But three years later and Bienert has had a dramatic transformation as she now weighs 140 pounds. Oh, she also dumped the man that made her feel so crummy through the years.

And now this is Bienert today.

Quite the change. Here’s what Bienert had to say.

“I do know that it was an accumulation of the way I grew up and the toxic relationship I put myself in with my ex-husband. I have always been a little bit chubby, and when my ex and I got married we partied a lot and ate horribly. I had gained more weight and he didn’t like it. One night he had been drinking and he told me in so many words that I was fat and he wasn’t attracted to me anymore.

When I heard that, it was like a switch had gone off in my brain, I never saw my body the same way after that. I felt inferior, I felt ugly and I felt unworthy. So I ate. I binge ate until I ballooned to more than sixteen-stone.

After I had grown the mental strength to leave my ex, I realized that I needed to change something in my life. I couldn’t change my overall current situation, but I knew I had total control over my body and my health. For so long, I had felt as though I didn’t have an identity, that my body fat percentage was my identity, that that is all people ever saw, including my ex.

So I cut my hair, dyed it red and purchased the a beach body workout programme and in three months I lost more than three-stone.”

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And obviously Bienert is now a ten, and she’s rid herself of a garbage dude. Check out more of Bienert below.

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