Restaurant Responds To 1-Star Reviewer By Naming A Cocktail In His Honor

Photo: Facebook/The Old Butcher

Restaurant owners appreciate reviews. But only if they are positive. While some owners take the negative feedback and try to improve their establishment, others go out of their way to come down on the reviewer. Just take a look at the owner that accused a woman of crapping her pants after she left a bad review. Or take a look at the New York bar owner who left a negative Yelp reviewer a super sassy response. It’s all about how you handle it. And one restaurant in Bristol decided to handle a bad review in quite the creative way.

The Old Butcher recently got a very bad review on the travel site, TripAdvisor. Let’s just say that the dude behind this review, whose name is Wayne, was not a fan of the restaurant at all, but especially not a fan of the place’s owner. Just take a look at the review below that includes complaints about the furniture, the food, the owner’s dungarees and the entire experience.

So what did The Old Butcher do in response? They just named a cocktail in his honor. That’s right, folks. Wayne got his very own drink. Check out the Facebook post below shared by The Old Butcher.

Here’s a closer look at “The Ponce’s Dungarees.”

Photo: Facebook/The Old Butcher

I just really hope Wayne shows up and orders his own drink. And then still proceeds to write out another bad review because of the “crappy drinks.”

h/t Someecards

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