The 8 Dumbest Superstitions From Around The World

As a blind prophet once said, "Superstition ain't the way."

Spencer Hicksby Spencer Hicks
A black cat, ladder, magpie and broken mirror. Photo: David Seed Photography (Getty).

Superstitions are silly. Sure they can be fun little asides in a conversation, but to actually believe in them is a really dumb thing to do. Throughout history — and even today — people die or are killed because of superstitions. And there are tons and tons of superstitions out there, with every culture having their own unique brand of ridiculous beliefs. So let’s dig into some of the dumbest and most common to dissect not only where they came from, but what they are still doing hanging around. With any “luck,” we’ll convince you that at least a few are completely outlandish and not worth the stress. Who knows, we might just make a total unbeliever out of you. Then at least when one of these silly superstitions does come true, you can just blame us and send all that bad juju our way. We honestly couldn’t care less.

Dumbest Superstitions from Around the World

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