Twitter Roasted This $450 ‘Pilgrim Dress’ A Store Is Trying To Sell

Photo: Creatures of Comfort

Fashion is weird, kids. Like really weird, and we sometimes have no explanation for it. Like why are detachable jeans for sale? And why do people have to pay $425 to buy some jeans with fake mud on them? We have no idea. Just like we don’t have an answer to why a store is selling a $450 dress that looks like something a pilgrim might have worn.

And we are getting word of this bizarre dress thanks to a Twitter user named Doree Shafrir who posted the dress on her Twitter. Now I don’t know much about fashion, but this looks like something an extra on The Village would have worn.

Check out the tweet below.

bless everyone who is pretty enough, skinny enough, and rich enough to wear this dress

— Doree Shafrir (@doree) August 1, 2017

Here’s a closer look:

And of course Twitter had plenty to say about this.

Don’t the designers know the Amish don’t have the Internet? Huge oversight.

— Emma Bilderback (@masterjediemma) August 1, 2017

They legit got like 14 of these in different colors at every thrift store in America for like $7

— #BigBlue4President (@azher_spitsfire) August 3, 2017

Going to stock up on these for when life turns into the Handmaid’s Tale for real.

— summer goth (@NicCageMatch) August 4, 2017

That’s a dress I could go out with my girls in…and immediately start accusing the elderly in town of witchcraft.

— Alana Massey (@AlanaMassey) August 1, 2017

the sister wives and I all decided to go with turd brown. the color matches our sadness.

— Amy Brady (@ingredient_x) August 1, 2017

Twas Goody Nurse that made me do it! She has afflicted me! *hysterically shrieks*

— Empire & Southern (@Empire_Southern) August 4, 2017

“Loose across the shoulders for ease of stone-throwing.”

— Nathaniel Woodward (@stubhubby) August 1, 2017

— Mary Beth Williams (@embeedub) August 1, 2017

I don’t even know where to start: I see colonial Williamsburg is back in fashion. Mud brown is the new black. Needs more Soviet bread lines.

— Keiko Zoll (@KeikoZoll) August 1, 2017

For that price, I assume it comes with horse and buggy.

— Kathy Daneman (@krd923) August 1, 2017

And yet, some gal will purchase this.

h/t Someecards

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