10 Russian Spies That Went Undercover In The USA


K Thor Jensenby K Thor Jensen

If you grew up in the 1980s like I did, you probably still have memories of the USSR as our mortal enemies, Communist crushers of freedom like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. And then glasnost happened, the Berlin Wall fell and the USSR got a little less united. But now it seems like Russia is public enemy #1 once again, with reports of Putin and his crew meddling in the Presidential election for whatever reason. As we talk about potential Russian agents, it’s instructive to look back in history and tell the stories of other spies from behind the Iron Curtain that operated undercover here. From a hot gal to a reporter to a couple whose own kids had no idea they were being raised by Russian spies, these men and women were all about getting their hands on American secrets.

10 Russian Spies That Went Undercover In The USA

And hey, if you’re worried that Russia and the United States will once again collide just know that Rocky Balboa himself ended the Cold War with this speech.

So maybe an athlete will drop a similar speech sometime soon.

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