Courtroom Artist Makes A Mockery Of Martin Shkreli’s Already Stupid Face

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty).

To call pharmaceutical tycoon turned real-life supervillain Martin Shkreli smug would be the understatement of the century. It’s written all over his extremely punchable face. And while courtroom artists are critiqued much more thoroughly when a celebrity like Taylor Swift is involved, whoever was responsible for sketching Shkreli during the fraud case held against him last week pretty much nailed it in the best way possible.

Courtroom Artist Makes A Mockery Of Martin Shkreli’s Already Stupid Face

As pointed out by Twitter user James Harvey — and even Shkreli himself, who called the court case against him a “witch hunt of epic proportions” — it was hard enough to find jury members who didn’t absolutely despise this douche. Hence, it appears the artist responsible for chronicling the events of the court proceedings was overlooked in that regard.

Sure, they had search high and low to find a jury who don’t hate Martin Shkreli. The sketch artist? Not held to the same standards

— James Harvey (@jamesharveytm) August 4, 2017

OK, we’re going to need a closer look at those:


Yep, he pretty much nailed it. Of course, we’re open to some second opinions on the matter. Twitter? Anything to add?

I mean, kinda close right?

— Nicole Lagoe (@nicolelagoe) August 4, 2017

Nah, that’s Gollum.

— Eli Gutierrez (@Hannibal95) August 4, 2017

A perfect likeness

— Andy McLeod (@amcleod) August 4, 2017

This is too easy #Shkreli

— Andy McLeod (@amcleod) August 5, 2017

— Molly Arnold (@MollyArnold125) August 4, 2017

Now, let’s all fling feces at the drawings to remind us of the good ol’ days: Martin Shkreli Got Hit In The Face With Dog Poop And Now 2017 Is Already Better Than 2016