Pennsylvania Teacher Has Sex With Student In Hot Tub And At Park

Photo: irina88w (Getty)

While some teachers take the summer to take a break from students and the chaos of the classroom, one teacher decided to use her summer to get closer to one student. How close? Let’s just say sex was involved.

Nikki Varney, a 44-year-old teacher at Williamsburg High School was recently arrested after her 15-year-old student told investigators that the sexual relationship between he and Varney kicked off when he went for a swim at Varney’s home and then ended up having sex with her in her hot tub.

But that wasn’t it. The student also revealed that afterwards Varney took the teen to Canoe Creek State Park where they then had sex on a park bench.

NY Daily News

The student told police that during another incident last month the educator picked him up from basketball practice after telling him that she was going to be home alone that evening.

“He then stated that they went to her residence, where they had sex,” investigators wrote in the affidavit. According to police, the teacher used Snapchat to communicate with the student.

Varney was interviewed earlier this month at the school over the allegations. Police said she confessed to having sex with the student on two different occasions, in a park and at her home.

Varney has now been charged with institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors, unlawful contact with minors and statutory sexual assault. And this goes without saying, but Varney has been put on administrative leave. Obviously.

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