Today’s Funny Photos 9-26-17

Pining for some cheap laughs? These funnies make no apple-ogies for their tasteless humor.

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

With the recent National Anthem controversy and constant negative news that only divides us more regardless of who’s right or wrong, sometimes it’s a nice break to focus on the irreverent. For instance, is pineapple pizza delicious or disgusting? While it may still set us at odds with one another, at least it doesn’t matter in the slightest, no matter how serious you want to take it. As such, a romp through the daily funny photos is par for such a course. So set your outrage meters to “off,” because the time to be carefree and simply laugh at something stupid starts now.

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Funny Photos 9-26-17



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But hey, there’s more to them than their terrible music…just kidding: It’s All About Alexis Ren In A Bikini In The New Chainsmokers Video


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Can’t we all just get along and quarrel for the right reasons? Bikini Baristas In Washington Are Fighting For Their Right To Work Half-Naked

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That took quite a turn. But what did you expect considering the source? 14 Disturbing Things You Probably Never Noticed In Home Alone