Today’s Funny Photos 10-4-17

You're here for the funnies, right? 10-4

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

That’s right, it’s October 4th (hence, that lame joke above to start things off). It’s also Wednesday, but you know that from your brief conversations with everyone in the office whom you have very little else to talk about besides the current weather and what you are doing this weekend. But most importantly, right this instant is funny photo time, and that’s sure to be the most important takeaway from this intro that you are totally reading right now. Oh, we’re also tinkering with the slideshow format again even though I promised I was genie who would magically take it away the other day.

To be fair, though, that’s half on you for believing such a thing. After all, funnies is funnies no matter how they’re delivered. But if I don’t get all the stupid puns out of my head by captioning each and every one of them, they are just gonna float around up there, slowly taking the place of information I actually need. That simply will not do. You understand.

Today’s Funny Photos 10-4-17

What happened to all the laughs? Oh, that’s right, we’re storing them on Mandatory’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for safe keeping.

There might be a couple of stragglers in yesterday’s funny photos, however.