McDonald’s Manager Busted Selling Cocaine With Fast Food

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Remember a while back when we told you about two Burger King employees who were selling weed from the drive-thru window? Well now we have to tell you about 26-year-old Frank Guerrero, a Bronx McDonald’s night shift manager who was actually caught serving some cocaine with all those burgers and fries.

For nearly eight years, Guerrero would unlock the door to the McDonald’s he worked at in order to sell drugs in the middle of the night, and when cops got word they drew up a scheme — they simply ordered up eight super-sized drug buys “in increasingly larger quantities,” almost $10,900 worth of drugs. And well, after that they simply arrested Guerrero.

NY Daily News

Guerrero stashed the cocaine on a soap dispenser in the restaurant’s bathroom before his shift started, and peddled cocaine and crack with the burgers he sold, authorities said. Twice, he sold the drugs to an undercover officer at the counter, shoving the contraband in a cookie bag, which he stuffed alongside two cheeseburgers, a soda and fries, prosecutors said.

He made the deal under the noses of the other employees at the burger joint, prosecutors said. When police raided his Throgs Neck home, they found 200 grams of cocaine and $5,300 in cash, prosecutors said.


Oh, and there’s more. This idiot was even hiding drug money in a dresser inside his own two-year-old son’s playroom — and the kid was there when Guerrero and his 24-year-old girlfriend, Leidy Cabral Castillo both were arrested.

And that’s the story of why Frank Guerrero was always so damn happy to go to work at McDonald’s.

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