Andrea Lowell Is As Fit and As Hot As Ever

Former Playboy host is pretty active on Instagram.

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Other people get nostalgic about cookies their grandma used to make them and old cartoon shows they’ve watched, but not us, we gladly reminisce about the hot girls that we used to see. Girls like Andrea Lowell, the former Playboy playmate and the TV host for a number of the company’s shows that shaped young minds across this great nation of ours. You know, those like Girls Gone Wild, Jenna’s American Sex Star, Playboy’s Casting Call: San Diego and others. What we would call quality TV programme.

The 34-year-old is now the co-host of The Playboy Morning Show on Playboy Radio but she also treads other paths. The most significant one being the fitness route, as this is the second decade of the 21st century after all, and it seems like everybody is doing it. But Andrea Lowell sure has her credentials, one look at that body is worth two diplomas in nutrition and exercise.

Sexy Andrea Lowell Instagram Photos

Andrea Lowell is not dipping her toes in this fitness business, she is going all in and has two Instagram accounts, a fitness-related website, and a special fitness program. If you look at the body of the sexy 5 ft 6 in babe you’ll find out why it is called Superfit by Andrea. There isn’t a gram of body fat on that body.

Not only does Andrea have two Instagram accounts, one especially for fitness, although even the basic one has a lot of fitness content as well, but she is really active on both of them and has 1000+ post on each.

Due to her slim frame, Andrea Lowell looks like she’s much taller than she is, but she just pulls the maximum out of her body.pretty socially active and fights for a lot of causes.

Maybe somewhat surprising, as we wouldn’t connect the former Girls Gone Wild host with altruism, but Andrea Lowell is pretty socially active and fights for a lot of causes.

Andrea definitely changed a lot from her days as the TV host for Playboy, but we think she looks even better.