Your iPhone Is About To Get A Ton Of New Emojis And I’m Sure You’re Pumped

More emojis for your choosing.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Image: Apple

In today’s society, people get excited anytime news of a batch of new emojis making their way to their phone is announced. And that’s why we thought it would be a solid idea to tell you all that by this time next week your phone will be filled with a bunch of emojis that you can use to annoy your friends and family with.

Happening next week on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1, Apple has announced that you should be getting a lot of new emojis. Some of those new emojis making their way to you? A cursing face, a head of broccoli, a vampire, a rock climber, a giraffe, a dinosaur, a glove and more. Again, most people I know have no need for most of these emojis, but hey, I commend someone who uses the head of broccoli emoji in their everyday conversation.

Photo: Apple

Image: Apple

Emojis came onto the landscape in 2015, and ever since then they have taken over the world and taken over our everyday lives — so much so that we’d rather use an emoji to express our feelings instead of talking to a human face-to-face, because who wants to do that?

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

And let’s not forget that their was something called¬†The Emoji Movie. Actually, on second thought let’s forget all about that awfulness.

Enjoy the new emojis, kids.

h/t NY Times

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