Today’s Funny Photos: Girly Edition 10-13-17

Back by popular dema(mmary gla)nd. That's a breast pun somehow, right?

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

It’s that time again…right when you least expect it. Does that make sense? Are we crossing our wires on common sayings? Roughly two months ago, we mentioned that it would probably be the one and only time we do a full-on Girly Edition of funny photos, but everyone loves a good sequel. Especially when it’s the next chapter in something that doesn’t normally require one.

Just for fair warning’s sake, while the following gallery of hilarious photos is technically SFW, it’s a bit more racy than usual. Having said that, we consider it the perfect balance of comedy and “Oh mama!”-dy, so you should still enjoy it on multiple levels. Having said that, all the cats with pieces of bread on their heads, raunchy memes and dick and fart jokes will be back on Monday to start the week on a classic note. Until then, bombs away! (That was supposed to be another boob joke. Gosh, hopefully these memes will be much more clever than that.)

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Today’s Funny Photos: Girly Edition 10-13-17

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